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Ein Buchtipp von Cameracartell // 2012:

Film und Kunst nach dem Kino

von Lars Lars Henrik Gass

NEU erschienen bei Philo Fine Arts


We invited authors and writers to publish articles about media art,

experimental film and audiovisual art to open up the discoursive field.

„The label videoart“ by stefanie sarah lauke
„Between Audio and Image“ by fabienne lorenz


We recorded and archive cameracartell discussions on DV:
Videodiskurs mit cc Mitgliedern und Gästen
videodiscourse with cc member and guests

discourse IV
Farida Heuck und Jae-Hyun Yoo in cooperation with cameracartell,
during the exhibition „Von dritten Räumen/ about third spaces“, Kunsthaus Hamburg
Which function has a border area beside enforcement of  seperation?  Talk and Discussion about the example North and South Corea and the film and art projects of Farida Heuk and Jae-Hyn Yoo about this border area.
March 2010

videodiskurs III / discourse III
about absence and presence of the artist in his films/ artworks
with Nicholas Matranga and Samo Tomsic
Hedah, Center of contemporary Art and Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht
Mai 2009
59 Minutes, HDV

videodiskurs II / discourse II
about Film and Videoart
Peter Greenaway and his concept of film
content and form, David Lynch and Inland Empire
with Julie Damkjaer and Sturla Brandth Grovlen
Juli 2008
59 Minutes, DV-PAL

videodiskurs I /videodiscourse I
about Networks, Cashgroups,
Friendship and digital swingerclubs
with Wolfgang Fütterer, Marte Kiessling and Vanessa Nica Mueller
Mai 2008
54 Minutes, DV-PAL

m @ Juli 1, 2008